August 29th, 2009

A vital decision you will not regret

Restore your Normal life Diabetes

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It is no easy feat when YOUR BODY SIGNALS- EVERYTHING is WRONG.

If you are suffering from Diabetes Type 2 – I am 100% sure you would like to get rid of:

fire-arrow1sIncreased blood sugar level,

fire-arrow1sPrescribed medicines including INSULIN SHOTS.

fire-arrow1sAnnoying finger pricks.

fire-arrow1sExcessive hunger or thirst and greater need to urinate.

fire-arrow1sFrequent fatigue.

fire-arrow1sDry Skin problems and infections.

fire-arrow1sBlurred vision.

fire-arrow1sTingling sensation/Numbness in hands or feet.

fire-arrow1sUnwanted increase in weight.

NOW do you want to experience the same TORTURE and be MISERABLE for the rest of your life?

    Diabetes causes chain of negative feeds and reaction in your body specifically affecting your main organ systems: nerve, digestive, circulatory, endocrine and urinary systems.


fire-arrow1sHeart disease and Stroke. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in people with diabetes.

fire-arrow1sHigh blood pressure. Many adults with diabetes have high blood pressure or take prescription medicine(s) for high blood pressure.

fire-arrow1sEye problems. You are at risk for cataracts, glaucoma, and problems with the retina (retinopathy), which can reduce vision or cause blindness

fire-arrow1sKidney damage. Diabetes is the leading cause of severe kidney disease.

fire-arrow1sNerve damage. Many people with diabetes have some nerve damage. This shows up as numbness or tingling in the feet or hands. Severe nerve damage in people with diabetes is a major cause of leg and foot amputations.

fire-arrow1sInfections. High blood sugar may make it harder for your body to fight infections.

fire-arrow1sGum disease. Because infections are harder to fight, you’re more likely to develop gum disease.

fire-arrow1sProblems in pregnancy. Diabetes that isn’t managed well, before pregnancy and during pregnancy, can cause birth defects and miscarriages.

Diabetes may cost your LIFE due to the debilitating complications you may experience on a later stage. All you have now is FEAR and NO DOUBT you’re a PRISONER of YOUR DIABETES! I know what you are thinking and hoping for…

fire-arrow1s Reverse the damaging effects to your pancreas due to insulin resistance.

fire-arrow1s Achieve normal blood sugar levels.

fire-arrow1s Avoid the damaging effects to your eye, kidney, nerve, heart and other major organs.

fire-arrow1s Reduced dependence to INSULIN injections and prescribed drugs.

fire-arrow1s Prevent threat of gangrene and amputation.

fire-arrow1s Lose few pounds.

fire-arrow1s Enjoy increased energy levels.

Here is the answer

for your  diabetes problem

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Symmetry Genesis™ comes in the standardized form of juice beverage. You get the entire daily nutrients your body needs, conveniently.

Symmetry Genesis™ is packed with scientifically proven ingredients…

X’tranol-24TM (exclusive to Genesis) xtranol24

Contains Extramel, a patented high S-ORAC melon extract that provides the primary antioxidants SOD and glutathione.Triple-patented X’tranol-24 brings you a full 24-hours of complete antioxidant protection. It ensures delivery of precisely measured nutrients and antioxidants in every serving. This unique advancement has patents that cover all phases of the development process from creation, to delivery, to manufacturing. It gently and efficiently extracts nutrients and antioxidants from all-natural sources to create a product that can effectively protect and improve your health as well as target today’s most pressing health concerns.

grapes Resveratrol- was discovered through a spark of curiosity from medical researchers regarding the “French Paradox” – a French diet containing such high levels of fat but the French experience a very low incidence of heart disease rate – an astonishing 42% lower than Americans! The investigation concluded resveratrol, a component found in the red wine they consumed daily, had a positive effect on the health of the French population.

Resveratrol is now established as nature’s premier anti-aging miracle molecule, and just one ounce of GenesisTM contains the amount of resveratrol equal to 10 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon – without the alcohol! Resveratrol is active against a wide range of artery-damaging free radicals and is key to extending the life of organic cells. Discovering resveratrol’s effect on longevity may possibly be one of the next major scientific discoveries in history.

One of the key nutrients in X’tranol-24TM is resveratrol. And, Symmetry standardizes the amount of resveratrol you get in every one-ounce serving.

Get all the nutrients found in red wine without the alcohol
The discovery of the “French Paradox” brought the value of drinking wine to the world’s attention. GenesisTM brings you all the benefits but took away the harmful effects of the alcohol.

pomegranateEllagic Acid (from whole fruit pomegranate)

Scientific evidence shows polyphenol, ellagic acid, is one of the most potent detoxifiers of the body’s cells and a strong deterrent of serious cellular disease. As a powerful antioxidant, ellagic acid helps protect against premature aging associated with free-radical damage, and also protects the body against potentially dangerous food borne pathogens such as bacterium and fungus.

One ounce of GenesisTM delivers the equivalent ellagic acid from one pomegranate. Clinical studies show that ellagic acid may be the most effective way to prevent cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and arresting the growth of cancer in people with a genetic predisposition for the disease. Some of the most exciting research today revolves around ellagic acid!


Genesis X’tranol 24 now delivers ALL the healthful nutrients in red wine that are known to help protect against arthritis and other dreaded diseases. With its triple-patented X’tranol-24TM that acts as primary antioxidant ensures impeding the production of free radicals in the body for a full 24 hours!

Dr. Mark Crapo and the TRAC Team(Technical Research and Advisory Council) the team develop Symmetry Genesis , firmly believe there is no way to stop them delivering this nutritional supplement to help you slow down your ageing process and combat the ailing symptoms of diabetes and other age-related diseases like arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.


There are plenty of published scientific research studies about resveratrol, ellagic acid, and glutathione on diabetes.

Resveratrol for Diabetes

Resveratrol inhibits high glucose-induces PI3K/Akt/ERK-dependent interleukin-17

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Ellagic acid for Diabetes

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Glutathione for Diabetes

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Why wait aggravate your Diabetes?

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Get your first bottle of GENESIS, enjoy a glass today and every day. Delicious GENESIS offers more than a great way to startyour morning or a pick-me-up later in the day. After all, good health is the key to doing and being all you want. So make GENESIS part of your daily health routine.You’ll soon notice how much better you feel and how much more energy you have.

Enjoy greater health and vitality with GENESIS, the next generation nutrient blend.


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In a world that takes

so much out of you,

Genesis puts so much back in.

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